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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

BUNNIES! New items ordered from Wholesale!

Hiiya guys! Sorry I haven't kept you guys updated on current events and fashions of such.  Well about last week, I ordered 3 more items from wholesale-dress.net. Since last time it took like a week and 3 days to get here for my bags, I was expecting my package to arrive about next monday-wednesday....WELL Apparently it got to my house today cuz I came home with a package on my bed. WOOHOO...Well obviously I will show you the items that I ordered and give you feedback on the stuff I ordered.

Well since fall and winter is coming, I figured that I'd order....you know, fall stuff. Sweaters,Hoodies, the good stuff. The first thing that I chose to order was this gray hoodie (that looked white in the picture) and had bunny ears attached with a bunny print on the front. The picture on the site looked just like this:
Awwww how cute right? Correct.
I was mostly please when receiving this item in the mail. The only deceiving quality in this photo, is the color. As you can see here, the color looks like a light gray almost white color. It also says on the site that the color is indeed a Light Grey/Grey.
The color is actually more of a medium/almost dark gray and looks like this:
Although the sweaterish shirt looks big, it looks the same way that it does in the picture from the site on a human being. It's just spread out on my bed. (P.s. this item was $6.76)

Another item that I ordered from this site is a XL "Apricot" sweater with a bunny print on it. With this one, I was dissapointed about a BIG quality. First of all XL is the only size because it is meant to be worn big, not because in huge or watever and had to get a big size, blah blah. 
Okay so, the color of this sweater was suppose to be a light yellow Apricot color, which I found to be very cute like in the picture below, like shown on the site:
Now as you can clearly see, the color of the sweater above is a LIGHT YELLOW, not some brownish dark cream color. Well big dissapointment, the sweater I got in the mail was indeed NOT yellow:
It looks alot darker in person. I plan to complain about this because I wanted a yellow sweater, NOT brown. (Although, on other pics of the sweater, the color does seem kinda coffeeish) The material is also kinda ichy, not as soft as I thought it'd be, but washing it should solve that issue.

Last but not least, my favorite item. I got this cute pink hoodie that is great for both fall and winter, and is guaranteed to keep you warm. The hood has warm white fur inside, as well as the pockets, to keep your hand warm when its cold. The inside is also warm and also soft. The only deceiving thing is the color pink looks lighter than the one shown on the site, but  the hoodie is definately worth buying and I love it.
Here's how it looks on the site:
It looks kinda reddish pink in this picture. More like a really ripe watermelon pink. Here's how it looks when you order it:
Once again. it's layed out on my bed, so it looks bigger than it really is. It fits the way it would on the person in the picture above.

Here is how they came packaged:

 There are now 2 ways of getting your stuff shipped to you. UPS and FedEx. FedEx is cheaper than UPS. The only thing is that when I wanted to get it shipped by FedEx, they said that it wasn't avaliable to me. I don't know why but oh well. Also the prices for the Sweater was $9.46 and the price of the warm pink hoodie was $10.81. The price for shipping is automatically $25.00 when using UPS and will rise depending on how heavy your package will be. The shipping price is fair because everything on this site is cheap. You can find really good shirts for as low as 5-8 bucks. And really nice coats for around $20. My package this time got to me in under 1 week and 3 days. I believe its only been about 6-8days.
My total for these three items plus shipping, came to about $53.00

I recommend shopping on this site to anyone but to be very cautious about the colors that you want.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Ah, Finally. My electricity is back up.
I was afraid that I would be stuck without electricity for days and I wouldn't be able to post blogs for you guys out there 

Well not really. Since i live in Rhode Island, I really wasn't expecting much. I was just waiting for the heavy winds and rain and that's what we got.
The only bad things that really happened were a few trees RIPPED out of the grown and violently pushed over by the wind.

Here's a pic of one:
This is a pretty tree that was RIPPED out of the ground by the ferocious wind the next street over. I think the people that own the house chopped the tree rather than putting it back up
What a waste of a nice look healthy tree.

The next pics are just a few pics I took while walking to the tree above. As you can see there's mostly just peices of tree and stuff lying around.

 This last pic is just a little old tree that fell on my street.

Okay so that's all that went on outside my house.
o-o But what went on inside stunk
My power was off from 9:30am and just come on recently around 8:30pm. I basically just sat there watching the storm, wasting a perfectly good day.

How boring right?

Yeah it really was.
Well now that that's over, I'll continue keeping you guys posted .

안녕히 가세요 ^ ^;

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Packages from Wholesale-dree.net and Seoul Fashion Center

WOOHOO! Finally the things I ordered came in the mail. Well actually my items from Whole-sale came 2-3 days ago. Just today I received what I ordered from Seoulfashioncenter. I was pretty pleased with the packaging. What I ordered came in a box that looked like this:

It looks alittle messed up because of the terrible weather  here in New England but when you open it, it had protective padding and BUBBLE WRAP 
....Anyways, well even though i ordered something as little as... Stickers (hehe) they still made sure my stickers came in one peice :D

Also in the box there was a tiny envelope showing your transaction .(What you ordered/ how much etc.)

Okay well as for Whosale-dress.net, the shipping was alright. The only thing that bothered me was that the items i ordered (2 Bags) smelt kinda fishy.(and like ramen noodles?)
Well the quality of the items where good and it only took about a week to process and about 2-3 days to ship. (Seoul's took about 1 week and 5 days)

Here's the bags:

I would definitely recommend ordering from Seoul Fashion Center and if you want to order from a dependable wholesale website with very cheap prices (Yet kinda high shipping but it's understandable) then shop at Wholesale-dress.net

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

From Goth to Ganguro

여러분 안녕하세요! 

This is my first post and it's about something abit fun. Well my sis was in the bathroom doing her makeup for quite a long time. Wondering what she was doing, I went to check. It seems that she was "Transforming" herself into a Ganguro Gyaru!!
You'd think that i'd be surprised but I wasn't. Due to her being a Make-up Artist, im used to seeing things like this:   
This is My Sis aka Itoshii-hito (My Sis's Blog)
Well as you can see, she went all out. When I saw her she was expecting my expression to be somewhat shocked , But I wasn't lol. I actually thought it was a good idea to join her and have her do my make-up like she's done many times before.
Before doing the Ganguro look on me, she did something that she thought suit me alot more which was the rocker look. Seeing how I just recently dyed my hair, it sounded like a fun idea.
Well here's a few pics of what she did at first: 

Well those are only like 3/100ths of the pics we took (My sis likes to take alot of pics). While i still had this makeup on and my sis still had her's, we took a picture ^ ^
Well after this we did do another look that was more elegant and involved heels but I don't feel like sharing those pics.


Here are the pics of our Ganguro Transformations :D

Teehee, i took the wig thaat she was wearing before. I liked it .

Well i hope you enjoyed this post and that you enjoyed our interesting look of the day.

For those of you that don't know what a Gyaru or Ganguro is, click here Ganguro and/or Gyaru